Photo depicting about our kitchen romance. Shows a couple - a woman in a red dress and a man in a blue shirt

Well, hello! Thank you for visiting our little corner of cyberspace.  We are Dean and Karen, and we love to cook.

We enjoy shopping for ingredients, preparing food together and developing new recipes. We cook for each other, our children, our family and friends. Now we want to share our favourite recipes and cooking tips with the whole world. Read on to learn more about Our Kitchen Romance.

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Our Story (as told by Karen)

Dean and I first met in Melbourne in 1991 at a mutual friend’s birthday drinks. The venue was called The Lizard Lounge; we were both twenty-three.

The attraction was mutual and instant. Dean tells wildly exaggerated stories about how flirtatious I was. The way I recall, it was the other way around! We started dating immediately, and were inseparable for a few months.

But our blossoming relationship had a finite end date, as I had already bought a one-way ticket to London when we met. By the time I returned more than two years later, Dean had moved on and so did I.

Fast forward to 2020.

It was the height of the pandemic. Melbourne was in stage-4 lockdown, and I had just ended my 23-year marriage. I woke one morning to a Facebook friend request from Dean. I swear my heart stopped. He told me his long-term relationship had ended eighteen months prior. He said that I was the one that got away. He had come back to find me.

From the minute we reconnected, it was clear to both of us that this was going to be a big, big love.

Because Melbourne was in lockdown, there were no restaurants open, no bars to visit. Our dates consisted of cooking for each other and going for long, romantic walks. The first time Dean cooked for me, he made lobster bisque. I was blown away with the meticulous care he took … and how delicious it was!

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We discovered a mutual love for cooking, and here we are today. We still live in Melbourne, now with a beautiful blended family and our wedding planned for September 2023.

We create delicious recipes using everyday ingredients and home cooking techniques so that you can recreate them easily at home. Check out our recipes for easy weeknight meals, date night dinners, wicked cocktails and decadent desserts.

Come share in the joy of cooking with us! Pour yourself a glass of vino, put on your favourite tunes and get into the kitchen. And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with your favourite creations.

Thanks for stopping by … and happy cooking!


Dean & Karen xx