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Niçoise Salad on a white plate

Niçoise Salad

The classic French dish Niçoise Salad gets an upgrade with seared fresh tuna and quail eggs. If you’ve only ever eaten this salad with canned tuna, we urge you to give this version a try. And, if you thought Niçoise Salad wasn’t fancy enough to serve for a date or for lunch guests, we think …

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photo of ceviche tuna salad presented in a ring on a white plate

Ceviche Tuna Salad

Our ceviche tuna salad makes a delicious starter, or a light summer lunch. It’s fresh and tangy with pops of sweetness from the mango, and creaminess from the avocado. The quantities given in this recipe serve four people as an entrée/starter, or two as a main course. Serve it with a crisp sauvignon blanc, or …

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Photo of Christmas mince pies with icing sugar being sprinkled over them and Christmas lioghts in the background

Sarah’s Christmas Mince Pies

I’m so excited to share this recipe for Sarah’s Christmas Mince Pies with you. There is something very special about recipes gifted  by friends and family. I have a notebook stuffed full of handwritten recipes that I’ve collected over the years. Some are still written on the original scraps of paper I scribbled them down …

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White bowl filled with pumpkin chickpea curry and basmati rice

Pumpkin Chickpea Curry

Our Pumpkin Chickpea Curry is proof that vegan food can be delicious! Tender pieces of roasted pumpkin in a spicy, creamy sauce with chickpeas for protein and substance – what’s not to love? This is a recipe we return to time and time again for Meat Free Monday, or when we have a vegan or …

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Duck breast with plums and cauliflower puree

Duck Breast with Plums

Duck breast with  plums and cauliflower purée is the ultimate romantic date-night dinner.  Plums are a delicious seasonal alternative to the more predictable orange. The plum flavour comes alive with the addition of star anise, and marries well with the Chinese five-spice we use to season the duck. Pair this meal with a crisp, dry …

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Shows best apple crumble in a white bowl with a stream of cream being poured from a vintage crystal jusg.

Best Apple Crumble

This is the best apple crumble recipe you’ll ever try! Apple crumble has been a family favourite in our home for years.  It’s a delicious, easy, no-fuss recipe that can be thrown together at the last minute. This dessert is as popular with adults as it is with children, and we’re sure it will become …

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Photo shows a slice of best vegetarian lasagne on a white plate

Best Vegetarian Lasagne

Our best vegetarian lasagne recipe is the ultimate vegetarian comfort food. It will make your vegetarian guests feel special, and convince any veg-sceptics that a meat-free dish can be delicious! While this lasagne recipe is easy to make (no advanced skills needed here) it takes a little longer to prepare than the meat-based version. But …

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Oval shaped dish with 2 baked white fish fillets in a tomato sauce, basil leaves on top

Baked Fish with Tomato and Olives

Baked Fish with Tomato and Olives is one of our favourite ways to cook white fish. This is a typical Mediterranean dish, with the tender sweetness of white fish in a rich tomato and basil sauce. The olives and capers add  salty, tangy pops of flavour. Selecting Ingredients to Make  Baked Fish with Tomato and …

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Dark background with glass of orange-coloured sorbet

Tangy Mandarin Sorbet

We created this Tangy Mandarin Sorbet when we needed a refreshing finish to a rich French meal. It cleanses the palate without weighing you down. It’s also easy to make, budget-friendly, and fits many dietary requirements. Enjoy tangy mandarin sorbet as a dessert, or as a cool, fruity treat on a hot day. Tangy Mandarin …

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Photo of hands holding a white bowl filled with spring prawn spaghetti including spaghetti prawns and cherry tomatoes.

Spring Prawn Pasta

Our spring prawn pasta delivers the comfort of a pasta dish without weighing you down. This recipe is fresh, tasty, easy enough to throw together on a weeknight and fancy enough for a dinner party. You’ll love the combination of sweet, ripe cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and seared prawns with just a hint of heat …

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