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Photo of muhallabieh with spiced syrup, rose petals and pistachios

Muhallabieh with spiced syrup.

The origins of Muhallabieh can be traced back to the Umayyad Dynasty in 7th-century Persia. Today, it is a popular dessert throughout the middle east. Muhallabieh is a delicate milk pudding that takes its flavour from a syrup topping. Why You’ll Love Muhallabieh Muhallabieh is fast and easy to prepare. As desserts go, it is …

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Photo of Christmas mince pies with icing sugar being sprinkled over them and Christmas lioghts in the background

Sarah’s Christmas Mince Pies

I’m so excited to share this recipe for Sarah’s Christmas Mince Pies with you. There is something very special about recipes gifted  by friends and family. I have a notebook stuffed full of handwritten recipes that I’ve collected over the years. Some are still written on the original scraps of paper I scribbled them down …

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Shows best apple crumble in a white bowl with a stream of cream being poured from a vintage crystal jusg.

Best Apple Crumble

This is the best apple crumble recipe you’ll ever try! Apple crumble has been a family favourite in our home for years.  It’s a delicious, easy, no-fuss recipe that can be thrown together at the last minute. This dessert is as popular with adults as it is with children, and we’re sure it will become …

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Dark background with glass of orange-coloured sorbet

Tangy Mandarin Sorbet

We created this Tangy Mandarin Sorbet when we needed a refreshing finish to a rich French meal. It cleanses the palate without weighing you down. It’s also easy to make, budget-friendly, and fits many dietary requirements. Enjoy tangy mandarin sorbet as a dessert, or as a cool, fruity treat on a hot day. Tangy Mandarin …

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strawberry baked mini cheesecake on a white plate with red topping and fresh strawberries

Strawberry Baked Mini Cheesecakes

Our recipe for strawberry baked mini cheesecakes is our most popular post on Instagram to date, and it’s not hard to see why. First of all, who doesn’t love cheesecake? It’s that perfect combination of sweetness, creaminess and a slight tang from the cream cheese, all sitting on top of a salty-sweet biscuit crumb base.  …

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French fruit flan decorated with circles of glazed summer fruits

Summer Fruit Flan

This gorgeous Summer Fruit Flan was our contribution to a New Year’s Eve dinner with friends. New Year’s Eve 2021 was an absolute scorcher in Melbourne, and Summer Fruit Flan ticked all the boxes for a dessert that was delicious, cool, and featured fresh seasonal fruit. In particular, we had some beautiful home-grown apricots from …

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image depicts hand holding a glass with raspberry sorbet and fresh raspberries

Easy Raspberry Sorbet

Our raspberry sorbet is the perfect way to finish a rich meal, or as a refreshing treat all on its own. It’s light, fresh, tangy and drop-dead gorgeous. This is the easiest raspberry sorbet recipe you’ll ever find. It takes just minutes to make, plus cooling and freezing time. Get ahead with meal prep for …

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