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Photo shows a slice of best vegetarian lasagne on a white plate

Best Vegetarian Lasagne

Our best vegetarian lasagne recipe is the ultimate vegetarian comfort food. It will make your vegetarian guests feel special, and convince any veg-sceptics that a meat-free dish can be delicious! While this lasagne recipe is easy to make (no advanced skills needed here) it takes a little longer to prepare than the meat-based version. But …

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Oval shaped dish with 2 baked white fish fillets in a tomato sauce, basil leaves on top

Baked Fish with Tomato and Olives

Baked Fish with Tomato and Olives is one of our favourite ways to cook white fish. This is a typical Mediterranean dish, with the tender sweetness of white fish in a rich tomato and basil sauce. The olives and capers add  salty, tangy pops of flavour. Selecting Ingredients to Make  Baked Fish with Tomato and …

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Photo of hands holding a white bowl filled with spring prawn spaghetti including spaghetti prawns and cherry tomatoes.

Spring Prawn Pasta

Our spring prawn pasta delivers the comfort of a pasta dish without weighing you down. This recipe is fresh, tasty, easy enough to throw together on a weeknight and fancy enough for a dinner party. You’ll love the combination of sweet, ripe cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and seared prawns with just a hint of heat …

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Bowl of fried rice topped with an egg & sriracha sauce. Small bowls of condiments and chopped spring onion on the side.

Easy Fried Rice

Our Easy Fried Rice recipe is so delicious we guarantee it will be on high rotation in your house after just one taste. Sustainability is important to us, and that means minimal food waste. Yet somehow, we always manage to cook too much rice! Fried rice is a perfect way to use up that leftover …

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two plates of ricotta gnocchi coated in creamy sauce and garnished with sage leaves, glass of wine in the background

Ricotta Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Sauce

If you’ve only ever tried potato gnocchi, we hope you’ll give this ricotta gnocchi recipe a try. Ricotta gnocchi is lighter than the potato version. It is also higher in protein and faster to prepare than the traditional recipe. We served our ricotta gnocchi with a creamy gorgonzola  and sage sauce, but it’s equally delicious …

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Photo shows colourful middle eastern bowl with lamb tagine and couscous, a glass of wine in the background and olives, preserved lemon, salt and fresh coriander

Lamb Tagine

Why not try cooking a deliciously fragrant lamb tagine?  Don’t be put off by the lengthy marinading or cooking times – the recipe is easy! This lamb tagine is equally at home on the family dinner table as it is at a dinner party. It freezes beautifully, and the flavours actually develop when frozen or …

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Image shows bowl of chicken curry with greens and rice

Chicken Curry with Greens

Our chicken curry with greens may look complicated – in fact, it’s impressive enough to serve for a dinner party. Truth is,  it’s simple enough to qualify as a weeknight dinner. There are a gazillion chicken curry recipes out there, but we do hope you’ll try ours! It’s spicy and tomatoey and finished with just …

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